Cumulative Voting

Our New Voting Method for Board of Trustees

Cumulative voting is a proven voting system used to elect city councils and school boards in several other communities, including Peoria, IL, Amarillo, TX, and as of 2010 the Village of Port Chester. As in previous Village elections, candidates run and are elected village-wide. As a voter, you will have six votes to cast for the Board of Trustees but now you will have the freedom to distribute your votes as you please. You may cast more than one vote for a favorite candidate. In 2010, the Village of Port Chester had elected the first Hispanic and the first African American candidate. However, Cumulative Voting will not apply towards the Mayoral Candidates.

      View the Cumulative Voting Commercial
Video: Introduction on how to vote using Cumulative voting (Lever Machines)

How to Vote with Cumulative Voting

This March, you can use your six votes in any manner you wish:

You might cast one vote for six different candidates

Or you may decide to give three votes each to two candidates

You can give four votes to one candidate and one vote each to two other candidates

Or you might cast all six of your votes for your favorite candidate

Any combination of votes totaling up to six votes is acceptable.

You should cast six votes, but not more than six votes. The winners are determined by tallying all the votes for each candidate. The six candidates with the most votes will win seats on the Board of Trustees.